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we are moving irreversibly towards the Light

Tensions are riding high this week, as we approach Election Day in the U.S. 🗳🇺🇸

Please take a moment to pause, and remember this: some people will be breathing a gigantic sigh of relief at the result of this election, while others will feel crushed and devastated.

Is it possible, whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, to remember your shared humanity when that time comes? To remember that someone is celebrating as you grieve, and someone is grieving as you celebrate? To remember that, only because they didn’t make the same choice as you, it doesn’t make them any less human?

I invite you to remember that the great majority of humans share the same goal: to live in peace and harmony, to be able to live comfortably, keep a roof over their head, feed their children, and receive the medical care that they and their loved ones need. We’re really not that different at heart. Our core values are the same. We may have differing ideas for what the best strategies are to bring our hopes and dreams to life… but our hopes and dreams themselves are not that different. Please remember that on Tuesday.

Remember this, too: there’s what you see playing out in the outer 3D world, and there’s what’s happening on the spiritual level. On the spiritual level, we are undoubtedly moving into higher vibrations and into a more peaceful, harmonious and collaborative world.

Whether “your candidate” is elected on Tuesday or not, trust this: we ARE moving irreversibly towards the Light. Nothing can stop our evolution into the higher realms at this time. 💛

Our spiritual and physical ascension into those higher realms comes with its share of growing pains—but, once we emerge from the birth canal, which feels tight and dark and often painful, things will look much brighter for humanity. 🌎💛🙏🏼

Keep an open mind that the Light may come through a different avenue than you might have imagined. Good things are ahead. Trust. 🙏🏼

Take good care of yourself, and remember to breathe deeply this week and stay grounded in your center. We get tossed around much less when we’re steady in the center than when we're clinging to the periphery of a storm. 🌪🙏🏼

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