Writer. Dreamer. Lover.


For as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of words. Words are a portal into our psyche, our soul, and a magical realm beyond our three-dimensional world. They allow us to connect with each other, to express our deepest truths, thoughts, and longings, to comfort one another, and to connect to our own feelings, as we give voice to what's stirring inside us, or put pen to the page (or fingers to the keyboard, as the case may be).  

When we share our stories, we foster connection and cultivate healing. Telling your story can be so powerful - both for yourself and the person holding space for you. Equally, it is a gift when you listen with empathy to another soul who entrusts you with a glimpse into her or his inner world.

Ever since childhood, I have wanted to be a writer. Wait, let me re-phrase that: Ever since childhood, I have been a writer. For it is not having your work published that defines you as a writer. Being a writer is a calling from the soul, and anyone who identifies as a writer knows that to ignore that calling is lethal to the spirit. I used to write volumes and volumes to my various penpals all over the world (one in particular who was an equally prolific writer and voracious reader as I was). 


Over the years, I've blogged on various forums and contributed newsletter content at my place of work. Writing a book has always been a major life goal for me (hopefully multiple books!), and I made several attempts to start over the last two decades. However, I never made it very far, until, several years ago, an idea for a novel crystallized in my mind. It began as a seedling and grew into a manuscript over the course of the last four plus years. It has a little ways yet to go before it can see the light of day, but I'm (beyond) excited (and proud) to have made it this far! 


As I am preparing to birth my book into this world, I am committing myself to posting regular blog entries on this site. This will serve a few purposes: it will keep me inspired and motivated with the writing process, tapped into my muse and sharing my message with the world (the message is LOVE, people!), and it will help me create the kind of platform I understand is needed these days to get publishers to even consider signing you for a book deal. The posts may, at times, relate to the story of my book (a love story between two women that spans across two different lifetimes and places), but, primarily, I am here to write about what inspires me and moves me in life, in the hopes of inspiring you, too. 


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One of my greatest passions in life is cultivating rewarding relationships - both with myself and the people in my life. That includes my close loved ones, as well as people I meet in passing, at the grocery store, on a walk, during my travels, or even in this crazy virtual universe... I love finding beauty in connection and noticing synchronicities that abound. I'm also a passionate lover of nature and its non-human creatures.  


I'm here to share with you what I've learned along my own journey to make life more wonderful and write about moments of beauty that touch my heart. I hope you'll tune in and accompany me on this journey!