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it's been a minute...

It's been a hot minute since I’ve last written a blog post… That’s because I’ve been busy writing book two, as well as working with my narrator on the audio production of Awakening Hearts, and collaborating with my new designer on the cover of my second book.

Things are coming along beautifully, and I’m excited to share that we’ve completed the cover! Here’s an itty bitty glimpse of what’s to come…

Stay tuned for the full reveal before long! (Psst, if you go to my book page on my website, you'll see a little more.)

The second book was much faster and easier to write than book one—but I won’t lie, the revision process has come with its share of resistance. I recently read a post that said every first draft is perfect because all a first draft has to do is exist. So just having written it is a major success! Like qualifying for the olympics. But, you see, when you go to revise, merely existing is no longer good enough. The goal is now to make it perfect! 😅 And that... Well, that is impossible, of course. So it’s a lot more daunting!

It took me two weeks before I could overcome the hurdle to get cracking on my rewrite. To be fair, I needed a little bit of time to absorb all the feedback I’d received from my editor and several amazing, dedicated beta readers and let it marinade.

I finally broke through that initial block—and I’m sure there will be many more to overcome. 😅

It’s an interesting existence—to be a writer. Definitely not a black and white one. In a world that measures productivity by tangible results, writers can feel a little… out of place. Like they don’t measure up. It takes a long time before the fruits of our labor are ripe to pluck, and we don’t necessarily take the straight route from point A to point B. We take many long and windy detours to arrive at our final destination. 😅

But then we’re always told that it’s about the journey—not the destination, hey? There’s value in taking the scenic route!

I hope you’ve been enjoying scenic meanderings of your own, savoring the many flavors life has to offer.

To check out a couple of samples from my audiobook in progress, visit my book page on my website. It’s been so fun to work with my talented narrator, Natalia Williams, on bringing the story alive!

P.S. Have you read Awakening Hearts yet? 💕 Here's a recent review that might inspire you if you haven't already.

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