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the waves we ride...

Yesterday, I felt completely overwhelmed, wondering how I would ever get my manuscript “good enough” to publish, without spending another two years on it. It was tempting to throw in the towel—though never an option.

Today, I got back on the board and rode the waves of creativity. The juices started flowing again. I made some revisions I felt really good about, and, heartened by my progress, I believed again that I could do this!

Oh, the waves we ride… 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊

This book will not be perfect.

There will be people who will love it and people who will hate it. And there’ll be those who love parts and hate others.

And that’s okay.

All I can do is my best—write the best damn book I can with the time and knowledge I have.

I’m following my heart’s calling. That’s ultimately all that matters. 📖✨💕

Anyone relate?

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