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the magic of new adventures

We get attached to the comfort of the familiar. We humans are creatures of habit, and we try to hold on to the status quo - even if we tell ourselves that we want change. Sometimes, we cling tightly to what we’ve known, even if it isn’t serving us. We’d rather remain someplace that’s uncomfortable but familiar than to change, because the uncertainty of the unknown feels intimidating.

Both personally and globally, we stand at the precipice of monumental change. What lies ahead… what’s possible for us… IF we dare leap… is a world of great love, harmony, and peace, and abundance for all. 🌎🙏🏼✨💕 But to shift into this elevated way of being, we have to release what’s familiar and what we’ve identified with - whether “good” or “bad.” We have to be willing to surrender and let go.

This quote is from a little piece of writing that came through me many years ago, as I was preparing for a joyfully-anticipated move and feeling the melancholy of leaving behind the little things I’d come to cherish in my living space and neighborhood. It’s a piece of writing I’ve revisited often over the years, and this excerpt, in particular, continues to hold meaning for me:

“There’s always melancholy in saying goodbye. But how would we ever know just what magic and new adventures lay ahead for us if we never dared leave the comfort of the familiar and take a leap of faith towards the (as yet) unknown?”

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