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speak from the heart

Maybe more than ever, we are navigating a time when people have widely differing and very strong opinions.

How do you navigate conversations with people whose world views differ from your own?

Do you try to convince them that your perspective is the “right” one?

It’s ever-so-enticing for us humans to attempt to bring others over to our side. Because, surely, we know better, and, if we could only educate them on what we know…

Have you noticed how your body tenses when you try to convince another of your point of view?

What if you spoke your truth from the heart, while allowing others to maintain their own truth?

Notice how the energy shifts in your body when you’re communicating from the heart vs. the mind.

Which one feels better?

And what if there wasn’t *one* truth?

What if your mission wasn’t to win others over to your side, but, rather, to wholeheartedly embody your inner truth and light the way by your example? 🙏🏼💕✨

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