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remember to look for the magic ✨

I have such fond memories of Christmastime in Germany when I was a child. The most magical was when we woke up to a fresh covering of snow on Christmas Eve. The town was always so beautifully decorated with lights and Christmas trees. It was truly a special time. 🎄✨

Christmastime in California doesn’t quite have the same feel. Still, I am finding moments of magic—mostly in connection with other people.

I’ve received a few surprise cards and packages in the mail this week that have brightened my days. 💌📦✨

Even during a global pandemic, we can still find ways to connect and uplift one another. (A huge thank you to the postal workers and countless delivery people who tirelessly continue to work, so we can share the love. 📬❤️🙏🏼)

Where are you finding (and creating) magic these days? ✨

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