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one step at a time

Is there a dream you’ve had for many years? Something you’ve wanted to accomplish or bring into your life for as long as you can remember, but it’s always seemed so far out of reach that it’s felt safer not to even try?

What if you started with one little step towards your goal and let that be your accomplishment for today? Then take one more step tomorrow, and one more the day after that. Just keep on taking one step at a time, and, before you know it, you’ll look back, and you’ll be halfway to your goal.

It’ll be tempting then to look at how much path still lies ahead of you and how far you have yet to go. “Why even bother? I’ve worked so hard, and I’m only halfway there!” Yeah, but—you are halfway there!

Keep putting one foot after the other, making those phone calls, knocking on doors, doing the research, talking to people… Whatever it is that it takes, just keep moving in the direction of your dream.

It’s all the little steps that add up to a lot. One day, you’ll find yourself on that mountain top, looking at the sweeping vista in front of you, and it will all have been worth it.

There will be more mountains to climb, of course. 🏔 We never just “arrive.” There are always new dreams and goals; new destinations. But we’ll never make it to any of them if we don’t keep taking steps. 👣

The step I took today was getting started on a book proposal. While I’m waiting for editorial feedback on my manuscript and feeling stagnant in my progress, I decided I could still take steps to move me forward—closer to my goal of holding my published book in my hands, a lifelong dream of mine. 📖✨

May you feel inspired as you keep moving towards your dreams and remember that you can always tap into your higher guidance. 🙏🏼✨💕 Things move much more effortlessly when we become an open conduit, allowing Spirit to flow through us, rather than trying to do it all from our human ego. 😉

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