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one awakening heart at a time

An excerpt from the prologue of my novel in progress. 📖✨

'Kevar acknowledged that there would be many times when they would question whether their existence even made a difference in a world so filled with hatred, violence, hardship, and despair. Those were the times when they would most need to remember their own light and their divinity. Each time they intentionally opened wide the channel that allowed the light of God to pour through them and let themselves become the conduits of love they’d come to be, they’d do their part to help raise consciousness and foster peace. Along with all the lightworkers across the globe, they would shine light into the darkest corners. It would be painful to illuminate and witness all the cruelty that had been hiding in the shadows for millenia; but the light would spread, one awakening heart at a time, until it would, eventually, blanket the whole planet and drown out all darkness.'

(From a scene in which two souls discuss their impending incarnation with their guide.)

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