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never leave your reader too satisfied

Never leave your reader too satisfied. - Jordan Rosenfeld

This is something I’m learning still.

My natural tendency is to want to wrap up a scene, a chapter, with a sense of resolution, of completion.

But the mark of a good book is that it always keeps you wanting to turn the page.

“Don’t give your readers the opportunity to put down your book,” my editor always tells me. Especially when I end a chapter with a character going to sleep. “That just reminds your reader to get some sleep herself and close the book,” she says.

I listened to a great lesson on InkersCon today—an awesome author’s conference put on by the amazing Alessandra Torre—on How to Create Powerful Scenes. It reinforced everything I’ve been learning from my editor.

Now back to the drawing board with renewed enthusiasm! ✍🏼

P.s.: I’m so excited for book 2, when I can apply all that I’ve learned in the first round, and hopefully save myself many, many rounds of revision! 😅

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