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love your body

When we realize that our bodies were designed to HELP us in this lifetime, not HINDER us on our paths, then we can make peace with our bodies and feel deep gratitude for all that they allow us to accomplish and experience.

When was the last time you thanked your body for all that it does for you and all it allows you to do?

Take a moment today to honor your body and bow to it with gratitude. 🙏🏼 It is a divine creation that allows us to express our life force energy in this 3-dimensional realm and come together with others to learn and grow and play. ✨💕

A little excerpt from my novel: 📖✨

Her body was weary and her mood left much to be desired for on that early summer Friday morning, but she knew she had to pull herself up by the bootstraps and make the best of the day ahead. Slowly and painstakingly, she peeled herself out from under her comforting blanket, sat up on the side of her bed, and put one foot down after the other. She whispered the words thank you, as first her right foot, then her left, slid into their respective slippers. It was a practice she had adopted years ago: to start each day with gratitude. She looked at her reflection in the sliding mirror doors of her closet. Sage had spent many years in her youth cringing at what she saw in the mirror, criticizing her features, and wishing for a different body, a different face. Her body was actually a rather attractive one for human standards, and others had told her so often, but she had had great difficulty embracing it in her younger days. Over the years, she had done much work on improving her relationship with this physical vehicle that housed her soul, and now, at the ripe age of 41, Sage could look at her own reflection, smile, and appreciate what she saw. So, on this sunny July California morning, despite her reluctance to face the day, Sage forced a smile as she made eye contact with the woman in the mirror, face still crinkled and hair tousled from sleep, and she thanked her body for all that it did for her on a daily basis and all that it allowed her to do. She thanked her legs for allowing her to walk, her arms for enabling her to carry things and embrace others, her hands for being a conduit for healing energy, her eyes for permitting her to see much beauty in the world, and her ears for making it possible for her to hear music. Indeed, there was much to be thankful for, and Sage always reminded herself on such days of all the people who persevered through challenges much greater than her own.

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