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letting go

All of life is about letting go. Letting go is necessary to expand into the true Self, a greater reality. Notice how many times today you let go. Celebrate it; connect it with expansion.

Ellen Grace O'Brian

What one thing can you let go of today that has been weighing you down? ⚖️

It can be as small as sorting through and discarding accumulated paperwork in your home that is no longer needed, or donating a pile of books you know you’ll likely never read again. It can be as big as letting go of old outdated beliefs that are no longer serving you, or choosing to distance yourself from people in your life you’ve realized you are no longer in alignment with.

At times, we are forced to let go of people or situations in our lives against our conscious will. We experience death, divorce, job losses, housing losses, financial losses, loss of friendships… All of these can be very difficult to grapple with in the moment. And, yet, the very loss we have to face just may be an important and powerfully transformative step in our journey; a blessing we won’t be able to recognize until much later. ✨

Here’s a small practice for letting go of money (a good domain to practice in, as we all do it almost daily): next time you have to pay a bill, choose to intentionally let go of the required amount of money with a sense of gratitude that you have it to give and complete trust that it will return to you. 🙏🏼💸

What one thing will YOU make a conscious choice to let go of today? 💕

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