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if they had told you...

I've been remiss in blogging. I've had a few potential posts swirl through my mind in recent weeks, but life has kept me busy with many other things (including diligently continuing the editing process on my book), and I've not yet gotten around to composing another piece of writing for my blog. Today, Facebook reminded me of a little piece of writing that flowed through me two years ago, upon returning from an afternoon spent on the coast (where I took the above picture) that left me feeling particularly open and inspired. I'd like to share this little piece of writing with you here.

May it open up a portal for healing. 🙏🏼✨


If they had told you, before you came into this life... ... that it was going to be the hardest thing you had ever done ... that it would be more beautiful than anything you could have ever dreamed ... that there would be times that would bring you to your knees ... and times when you would feel like you were soaring and the whole world was yours ... that some moments would be so achingly beautiful, they would bring you to tears ... that the joy you would feel at times couldn't possibly be expressed in words ... while, in other moments, the heartache, the sadness, the anger, the grief, the fear, the pain would overwhelm you and break you open to the core ... that there would be times when you would want to rip your heart out of your chest because the pain you were feeling was so unbearable ... that you would cry hot tears that burned as they rolled down your cheeks ... and tears that felt as sweet and soothing as milk and honey ... that you'd experience tenderness that would make your heart burst so wide open you'd think it would surely explode ... and that there would be times when you would want to contract into nothingness when the source of your joy was taken from you ... that it would feel terribly unfair, and at times downright impossible ... but that you would land back on your feet, again and again, no matter the pain, no matter the force of the fall ... that there would always be other souls on your path who would walk with you and help you carry your burdens ... some wouldn't stick around, but others would appear and help to soothe the pain of the void left by those who had gone ... some would come and go ... and come, and go, and maybe come again ... and maybe go again ... and a few would be there with you, steadfast, throughout If they had told you... ... that there would always be healing to be found ... that healing would come in many ways ... often unexpected ... but it would always come ... as long as you opened to it ... as long as you welcomed it ... as long as you allowed it ... and that, eventually ... you would get to return home ... more expansive than you'd been before you'd left ... before you had agreed to momentarily forget where your home was ... to forget that home was always right there ... where you were ... inside yourself ... within your aching, tender, vast, loving heart ... would you have chosen to come? . . . . . (They did. And you did.)

With so much love,

Angie K. 💗

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