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healing begins within

When we practice loving kindness and compassion

we are the first ones to profit. —Rumi

We humans have a tendency to look outward for a person or group to cast the blame on for the woes of the world—and even our personal woes. No doubt, there are many elements that play a role in our current state of affairs, and how other groups and individuals behave has an impact on us—both at the global and personal level.

That said, it is impossible for us to change other people. We all know this—and, yet, we keep on trying. Just look at your closest relationships. How often have you thought to yourself that, if only the other person changed his or her behavior, your life would be so much better? Your spouse, your child, your boss… your landlord, your neighbor… the other drivers on the road…

Here’s the deal: the only change we can achieve is within ourselves, and the change we implement from the inside out has a MUCH greater bearing on the world around us than we could possibly begin to comprehend.

So here’s my invitation to you:

When you see something or someone you dislike (be it on TV, on the street, in your home…), take a deep breath and intentionally send loving kindness and compassion to that person or situation. 🙏🏼💛

If the energy you sent out into the world had a shape and color… a texture… a fragrance… imagine what a different picture it would paint if we all sent loving kindness and compassion, rather than hatred, anger, and contempt? Can you visualize it? Can you feel it? The bright and radiant colors that would actually activate other people’s highest expression of their divine self, rather than the dark energy we heap onto them that perpetuates the very lower expressions we seek to move away from?

Remember that everything you observe in the outside world is a reflection of an aspect that you hold within yourself—even if it is an aspect you would not be likely to ever express. …or maybe just not when the world is watching—because, let’s be honest, we all have our less than gracious moments.

Once you can acknowledge this truth to yourself, offer up loving kindness and compassion to all the parts of yourself you dislike or are ashamed of.

This is how healing can begin to take place, and you’ll be amazed by the ripple effects it will create. 🙏🏼💕🌎

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