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goat delivery

I spent my afternoon researching goat labor and delivery and writing a goat birthing scene I'm totally in love with.

A little excerpt:

"Returning to Fiona, she continued stroking her gently, head to tail, talking to her in hushed tones. Fiona began to rock, a wave of motion rippling across her abdomen. She groaned as she pushed, and, soon, the yolk sack appeared, a nose and two small hoofs visible through the opaque matter. Another two big pushes, and the sack plopped gently down onto the straw. Lizzy broke the still intact membrane and wiped the kid’s nostrils with a damp cloth, then brought him around to his mama. Fiona gave her baby a good tongue bath, making soft, throaty sounds between languid licks."

What did you do today? 🐐

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