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It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post that was more than just a few lines to accompany a picture. A post that was a bit more personal.

There are a couple reasons for that. One is that all my focus has been on completing my novel and getting it ready for publication. The other is that the world has felt… weird, for lack of a better term. From where I stand, it’s felt completely upside down, and I don’t relate to it the same way I used to. As a result, I’ve kept my energy closer to my heart. My personality is such that I tend to naturally extend my energy into the world—but, this past year and a half, I’ve found the need to keep it close.

Now, here I am, preparing to launch my book into the world—my “baby” that’s been in gestation for more than six years. Talk about extending my energy into the world! It feels both exciting and vulnerable—but mostly exciting. I think I left some of the vulnerability behind along the way. Some of it was burnt in a fireplace at the foot of Mount Shasta among a circle of beautiful women—all writers—releasing their fears alongside me. Some of it was left on the wayside as I improved my writing skills and enlisted editorial support.

I’ve worked so hard on this book… It could always be better, sure. I could spend years more perfecting it. But it's time to move forward, and I’m honestly darn proud of what I have accomplished. It's no small feat. I’ve spent hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and a tremendous amount of grit and determination bringing this book to life. I’ve plowed through fatigue and resistance, I've scaled inner mountains, relived the characters' emotions countless times, my own becoming intertwined with theirs—I've given it my absolute all.

I couldn’t have ever done it without the unwavering guiding force within me driving me ever forward, leaving me with no doubt that this book was meant to be written… that I was meant to write it... and that it was meant for the world—not just for me.

This week—fingers crossed—I’ll receive my completed cover design. I’ll get back my manuscript with the final copy edits from my amazing editor, without whom this story would be nowhere near as polished as it is now. I’ll get professional feedback on my blurb I’ve wrestled with for months (there’s so much riding on those few short paragraphs!). And then, at long last, I’ll set up my preorder on Amazon. That’s about as real as it gets—though nothing will beat the moment when I hold a printed copy of my book for the first time. A lifelong dream realized. 📖✨💕

I imagine it will feel surreal. But, with every step, this is becoming more real. Seeing the near-final cover made it more real than it’s ever been. I’m still patiently waiting for a few more changes and the high resolution image files… But it’s within reach now. I can almost touch it.

Three months ago, I asked the Universe to guide me to the perfect cover designer and give me the ideal inspiration to relay to her for the design. When I came across a piece of art by Ximena Vasquez from @womensmagick, I knew I wanted her art for my cover, and an image crystallized in my mind—prior to that, I’d been uncertain as to what I’d want on my cover. Ximena’s art resonated so deeply, and I knew it would speak to the readers my book was meant for. When she responded to my message, agreeing to design my cover—even though she wasn’t otherwise taking commission work at the moment—I was over the moon. 🌙 Maybe most importantly, I was reminded that the Universe delivers when I ask—I just have to remember to actually ask. 😅🙏🏼 (Let this be your reminder, too. 😉)

Working with Ximena has been a blessing, and I’m so excited to share her beautiful design very soon. It’s magical! 🐬🐬✨💕

Stay tuned for the cover reveal! And if you aren’t already subscribed to my mailing list, subscribe below to be one of the first to see it. I’ll share it with my newsletter subscribers before I share it publicly.

To all who have supported me on this journey in ways big and small—thank you. It really takes a village. I couldn’t have done it without you. 🙏🏼

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