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2020 reflections

As you look back on 2020 in review, what highlights and lowlights stand out?

No doubt, it’s been a heck of a ride for all of us. Nonetheless, I have yet to come across anyone who can’t name at least a few blessings 2020 has brought him or her. 💖

What are the bright spots you are thankful for from 2020? ✨

As to the more difficult experiences the year has brought… what are some ways that these have strengthened you and taught you courage, faith, and hope? 🙏🏼

As you are getting ready to leave 2020 behind, take a moment to reflect on both the lessons and the blessings of this year that’s coming to a close.

I, for one, am grateful this year has awarded me more time to work on my novel, that I’m still making steady progress on. 📖✨ I’ve always dreamed of living a “writer’s life,” and this year has given me a glimpse of that. It’s taught me patience and determination in this area alone—and it’s reminded me that hard work is rewarding for its own sake, not just for any outer validation that we may receive.

My number one gratitude ANY year is the connection with the beautiful people in my life. That’s looked a little different this year—but connection with kindred souls has possibly been more important than ever this wild year, and so deeply soul-nourishing. 💕💫 A big thank you to all of you who have touched my life in 2020, in ways big and small. 🙏🏼

I’m also grateful I got to spend more time with my kitties this year. They’ve been the best possible companions during this quarantine. And I’m beyond grateful that we are all healthy, despite a couple of stressful health scares for my soulmate boy, Cooper. The experience has taught me to trust, to listen to my intuition, and to breathe when fear takes over.

How about you?

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2 comentarios

30 dic 2020

I’m happy it spoke to you, Chivon! 🙏🏼 Tomorrow’s post is about a vision for the new year - the flip side of the coin. 🙂

Me gusta

Chivon Blanton
Chivon Blanton
30 dic 2020

“hard work is rewarding for its own sake” - I love this and the reminder is perfect timing as I sit to reflect on 2020 and think about intentions for next year.

Me gusta
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