Some readers may wish to know ahead of time if a book contains themes that may be triggering to them.

The following notes are provided to inform readers who would like a more detailed content guide.

For those who don't want any 'spoilers' - don't read these notes. 

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Bad language: mild, infrequent

Sex/nudity: several fully described sex scenes

Violence: some violence off-page (in a memory)

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Detailed trigger warnings

Sex/nudity: several fully described sex scenes between two women, main characters; one fully described female masturbation scene

Violence: one primary character (1862 timeline) was subject to violence in her past, and this violence is recalled in a memory; minimal detail; includes reference to incestual sexual abuse and murder - note: these scenes make up a small portion of the book and have been softened to minimize triggering reader trauma - the focus is on the character's healing from her trauma in a safe environment, but it may remain a trigger for some

Infant mortality: mentioned, but not described; secondary character

Mother dying in childbirth: mentioned, recalled in memory

Religion: the struggle between religious faith and sexuality is a central theme in this book

Homophobia: brief mention of violence against gay men (1862 timeline), tertiary characters