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start where you are

As I've been working on creating my website and entertaining the idea of starting a blog, I've been reaching for inspiration for my first blog post. The first post seems important, like it needs to be especially meaningful.

A lot of thoughts crossed my mind about the various things I could write about. Should I be focusing my writing on offering inspiration and guidance to others, or should I delve into my own story? The latter would be far more vulnerable.

As I was milling about late last night, getting ready to go to bed, the following words resounded in my mind: start where you are.

Ah, of course. That is always the place to begin.

It was midnight, and I was just about ready to crawl into bed when my writing muse called. Writers know you have to heed that call when it comes. I've heard of many writers who feel their muse the strongest in the early morning hours, but I have a standing date with my bed during those hours. For me, it is the late night hours when inspiration strikes, and I think the feeling is much the same as the one that early morning folks would describe: the veil is thinner during those hours, when most of the world is asleep, when we are not concerned with chores and errands and messages to respond to or appointments to keep. It is a time when we can more truly connect with our inner spirit, our guidance system, our higher self, our pure divinity. It is a time when we can step out of analytical thinking mode and tap, instead, into the flow of inspired creativity. I love that time of the night.

Morning came too soon today, but I felt satisfied to have let the words flow through my fingertips last night. Today, I had more to add to last night's post (during reasonable daytime hours). It became a long post (and it will be my second post to this blog). I delved into the personal - vulnerable as that may be - because I believe that's where my best writing comes from. It's infused with inspiration and guidance (as much for myself as for you, my dear reader), and I hope you will connect with the flavor of both.

Thank you for reading and accompanying me on this journey.

So much love.

Angie K 💗

Copyright © 2019 Angie K. Love, All rights reserved.

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