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what's your love language?

While my manuscript was with my editor last week, I started writing my second novel. Book one is written in third person, and primarily from Lizzy and Sage’s points of view (Lizzy in 1862, and Sage in 2014). Claudia gets some scenes in her voice, so we can learn about her past, and we get to learn about Alex through dialogue and action—but the only chapter in her point of view is the prologue.


Book two is written primarily from Alex’s point of view, and her character wanted to be written in first person. I thought I was a third person author, but it turns out I’m really digging writing in first person. It feels dynamic and alive in a whole different way, and I’m loving Alex’s confidence and the transformation she’s undergone in her healing journey.


Now I can’t wait to wrap up the edits on book one, so I can continue writing book two! I wrote the first 10k words in three days. I’m hopeful I’ll write this book a lot faster than the first one, with everything I’ve learned! (I started the first one in 2015 😂).


Alex expresses her love through gifts and acts of services—but her favorite way to receive love is physical touch.


How about you?

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