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pure, unbridled joy

When was the last time you felt pure, unbridled joy?

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us. On top of the global stressors that we’ve all been faced with, we’ve each had some degree of personal stress to deal with. Some of us more than others. 🙏🏼

When was the last time you felt like this dog, carefree and full of joy—excited about life and all the marvels that it has to offer? 😀

Maybe this kind of true, unbridled joy feels far from reach for you at the moment—and, to be fair, you can’t just make yourself feel it if it isn’t happening organically. 🤔

But here’s something you can do right now: take a moment to pause your busy day, breathe deeply, and bring to mind a memory of a time you felt this pure sense of joy. Let yourself savor the memory and relish in it. 💕

Our cells dance to the vibration of our thoughts and feelings. By conjuring up positive memories, you can actually change the biology of your body. 💖

I wonder what else is possible? ✨

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